Hurting Your Health

Some poor eating habits are obviously bad for your health. No one denies that hitting the fast food drive-thru every day or consuming only pork rinds and soda is detrimental to your body. However, other bad habits may not be as glaringly obvious. In some cases, you may be engaging in bad eating habits camouflaged as good ones. Here are 12 eating habits you may not realize are damaging your health.

12. Avoiding Meal Planning

Avoiding Meal Planning

Finding time in your busy week to sit down and plan future meals can seem daunting. However, avoiding this task may cause you to consume unhealthy convenience foods when you find yourself hungry and in a time crunch. Planning ahead allows you to stock your refrigerator and pantry with nutritious foods that you can use to make wholesome meals and snacks. Meal planning does not have to be complicated. In many cases, simply giving thought to each night’s dinner before heading out the door in the morning can be helpful.

11. Frequently Eating on the Go

Eating On The Go

When rushing from one activity or event to another, you may find yourself eating in your car or while standing over the kitchen sink. While eating on the go may help you complete more obligations in one day, it won’t do your body any favors. Being rushed entices you to make unhealthy food choices. Furthermore, it prevents you from enjoying sitting down with loved ones to relax and share a meal. The Family Dinner Project suggests that sitting down to dinner lowers your risk of depression, obesity, and substance abuse. Added benefits are better grades and higher self-esteem.



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