Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a nutrient essential for many body functions. This vitamin plays a role in growth, vision, immune function, red blood cell formation, and reproduction. Vitamin A also contributes to the development of healthy skin and strong bones. Fortunately, achieving a healthy dose of vitamin A does not have to be a challenging task. A variety of foods of various flavors and textures contain vitamin A, including a few sweet treats. This means no matter what your taste preferences are, you are bound to find vitamin A in some of your favorite foods.

12. Broccoli


For veggie lovers, broccoli is a source of vitamin A. According to the FDA, the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin A for adults is around 5,000 IU. Meanwhile, one cup of chopped, raw broccoli contains about 567 IU of this crucial vitamin. Enjoy a helping of vitamin A by trying Trisha Yearwood’s recipe for Broccoli Salad. Trisha coats broccoli florets, onion, raisins, and sunflower seeds with a sweet mayonnaise and cider vinegar dressing for a salad that has a delicious crunch.

11. Cantaloupe


If melons are more to your taste, then you will be happy to know that cantaloupe a rich source of vitamin A. In fact, one cup of cantaloupe chunks provides 5,987 IU of this vitamin. That is 120% of your recommended daily value! Enjoying this juicy melon is as easy as cutting it open, discarding the seeds, and slicing, chopping, or scooping up the sweet flesh. For a refreshing start to your day, try blending up Allrecipes’ Simple Cantaloupe Smoothie. Cantaloupe, orange juice, Greek yogurt, and ice combine to make this cool, sweet, vitamin-packed breakfast drink.


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