10. Add to a Hydrating Beverage

Hydrating Beverage

Add chia seeds to your water bottle for a refreshing beverage that supplies your body with the fiber, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids your body craves. Soak 3 tablespoons of the seeds in 2 cups of water in the refrigerator for two hours or overnight. Add a spritz of lemon juice for flavor and a boost of vitamin C. Add fruit juice if you crave the flavor of expensive chia beverages found in the refrigerator case at the supermarket.

9. Grind and Bake into Recipes

Ground And Baked

Chia seeds can be ground in your blender, food processor, or coffee grinder and enjoyed in pancakes, waffles, muffins, or breads. Allrecipes offers a recipe for Easy Banana Chia Blueberry Pancakes. This recipe requires chia seeds, blueberries, a banana, two eggs, coconut oil, spices, cocoa powder, and 1 tablespoon of flour. These pancakes can be whipped up in 20 minutes and enjoyed with real maple syrup or honey.

8. Bake into Granola


Homemade granola provides heart-healthy whole grains, the sweetness of dried fruits, and the protein and omega-3 fatty acids of nuts. By making your granola at home, you can avoid the problems associated with processed granola found on grocery store shelves. The addition of chia seeds to granola provides your body with an extra boost of energy, protein, and fiber. Combine chia seeds with whole oats, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, maple syrup, and a dash of cinnamon. Spread on a cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees until golden brown.

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