10. Alcohol


There’s plenty of information out there regarding the dangers of alcohol. If you don’t end up getting in trouble from the impaired judgment and lowered inhibitions, you’ll feel it in the morning when you wake up with a hangover. Alcohol will generally cause an ugly headache in the morning, and may also result in a stomachache as well. These symptoms may be temporary, but there are other effects that last longer, such as damage to the liver, which may or may not lead to chronic inflammation; this might prove rather uncomfortable.

9. Processed Foods

Processed Foods

Unfortunately, for a lot of Americans, processed foods make up a significant portion of their diet. This may be in part because of how busy life has become; regardless, the quick convenience of a fast meal often supersedes a healthy cooked one. Unfortunately, the things that make processed foods so convenient are also what make them harmful. Preservatives in the form of sodium can increase blood pressure. Furthermore, processed foods also contain some chemicals that may cause inflammation. This is because of excess sugars, starches, and trans fats in their content.

8. Saturated and Trans Fats


Processed foods often contain a lot of extra fats. Two of the most dangerous of these are saturated and trans fats. Generally, you’ll find them in fried foods, typically bread products, but that is not the extent of their use. They are also in some processed meats and desserts. While there are several good fats, those typically come from the natural fat found in plant sources, such as the avocado, and animal products, such as dairy foods. Generally, saturated and trans fats lead to inflammation, which itself contributes to several other health problems.

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