Eating Eggs

The egg is a perfect package of protein wrapped up in a neat little shell. Not only is the egg versatile, used in many recipes from custard desserts to savory frittatas, it also is highly nutritious. The egg had a bad rap for many years due to its high cholesterol content. As the science and health industries learn more about nutrition and dietary requirements, the egg has regained status as an important source of protein and nutrients. There are many health benefits that are imparted by the humble egg. Read on for 13 of them.

13. Stronger Muscles

Stronger Muscles

There’s no doubt that eggs pack a protein punch. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of protein is 0.8 mg per kilogram. This means a 150-pound individual should consume at least 55 grams of protein each day. Since one egg supplies around 6 grams of protein, beginning your day with a simple egg can start you off with a healthy dose of this nutrient. The amino acids of protein are the building blocks of healthy tissues, including muscles. Athletes and weight lifters have higher protein requirements as their bodies work to build stronger, leaner muscles.

12. Improved Immunity

Improved Immunity

Your immune system also benefits from the health benefits of the humble egg. One egg contains 22% of the RDA of selenium, an important nutrient for many body functions, including preventing infection. The vitamin D contained in eggs is another nutrient that helps improve your immunity and ward off disease. Including eggs in your diet could give your immune system a boost and help you fight off infections.



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