2. Allergy-Triggering Foods

Peanut Allergy

You may be exposing yourself to allergens if you do not recognize the signs of food allergies. Food allergies may crop up in adulthood and remain undiagnosed if they are mild. However, subjecting your body to these allergens can have negative health effects. Severe signs of food allergy include swelling of the throat or face and difficulty breathing. These require immediate emergency medical attention. The Mayo Clinic lists lesser symptoms of food allergy as a tingling of the mouth, tongue, or lips; itching or hives; a stuffy nose; and abdominal pain. Notify your doctor if you experience these symptoms.

1. Monosodium Glutamate


MSG is a sodium salt that occurs naturally in some foods and is an added ingredient in others. According to the FDA, this additive is made through a fermentation process. Foods that have MSG as an additive must list it on their nutrition label. While MSG is often associated with Chinese cooking, it may also turn up in many packaged foods such as chips, deli meats, and frozen dinners. MSG is linked to liver inflammation and headaches. Therefore, check the labels when purchasing pre-packaged foods and avoid those containing MSG.



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