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The way you prepare your food items and eat them will impact their nutrition value and how much you can benefit from them. For instance, you could be boiling your vegetables in the right manner, peeling them correctly, and consuming the required amount. But is that really the right way to eat your daily veggies?

Nutritious food is vital to your life. What is equally vital is eating it right. The right food items, prepared in the right way, and placed rightly on your dinner table are essential to your health. Let’s take a close look at some of the proven healthy foods you eat regularly, and the right way to consume them.



You could be eating your carrots wrong. Carrots are an excellent source of many nutrients. The vitamins (especially vitamin A), the high fiber present in carrots, and some cancer fighting compounds can be easily lost when carrots are chopped before cooking.

Chopping your carrots, washing them, and then cooking them can cause them to lose all their health benefits. Cooking raw carrots or even boiling them before actually chopping them means that you preserve 25 percent more nutrients. Moreover, you also increase their carotenoid content by not chopping them beforehand.



A part of the brassica family of food, broccoli is a superfood. You can get the most health benefits from broccoli, owing to its rich vitamin C content as well as many antioxidants and other essential compounds. Broccoli not only fills your body with essential nutrients, but also provides your body with cancer-fighting agents. Broccoli can help prevent skin cancer and certain breast cancers.

However, these benefits could wander away just as quickly by stir-frying it, which is a very common way of cooking broccoli. Boiling is another way to ruin the essential nutrients of broccoli. Just steaming your broccoli for about 2-3 minutes is the best way to cook and eat this power-packed food.


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