6. Flavored Chips

Flavored Chips

There are a few problems with flavored chips. First, they can cut your gums. Ouch! And not to mention, they are refined carbs, which unfortunately leads to bacteria to feed on. The flavorings can also be highly acidic, and act like sandpaper on your teeth.

5. Cough Drops

Cough Drops

As in the case of gummy vitamins, cough drops should also be considered candy. Be sure to lay off the cough drops if you don’t need them.

4. Alcohol

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Refreshing cold beer, relaxing wine and cocktails can be incredibly delicious, but they are also incredibly harmful to your teeth, especially if you like to nurse your drink. Along with carbs in beer that feed bacteria, the carbonation in the drink makes it acidic, which leads to teeth erosion. Wine has more sugar than you might think, but it’s the sugar-filled cocktails you should watch out for.



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