3. Ice

Ice Cube

The hardness of ice is what’s to blame here; chewing on ice can cause you to crack a tooth. “I see that a lot,” says Dr. Stefanac. “We often see it with people who have lots of fillings, which weakens the teeth. They bite on ice and snap off a portion of a tooth.”

2. Energy and Sports Drinks

Energy And Sports Drinks

While their names may sound healthy, energy and sports drinks are filled with sugar and acids. On top of that, the majority of these drinks contain a special sticky substance to keep the coloring evenly distributed in the drink. This means the sugar and acid stay on your teeth longer.

1. Yogurt

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Yogurt is bad for your teeth? But it’s so healthy! It is if you eat the plain kind. After all, it does contain calcium and probiotics that are good for oral health. The majority of yogurts–even the Greek kind– are packed with sweet fruit purees, which results in large amounts of sugar and acid added to the mix. “You’re almost losing the benefits,” Dr. Rodriguez says.



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