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The generic or store brand foods on your local grocery store shelves are often just as delicious and nutritious as the brand name products. In fact, they are sometimes even manufactured by the same companies. When you are shopping for milk, flour, or sugar, the store brands are usually identical to the more expensive name brands. However, there are some products where the taste, texture, or ingredients of the generic foods really don’t measure up to their brand name counterparts. The following are 14 foods where the brand name product may be the best choice.

14. Butter


You may think that butter is butter. After all, butter is made from only two ingredients: cream and salt. However, the creamy texture, salt, and fat content can vary from one brand to another. Generic brands may be just fine for stirring up a batch of cookies, but when taste and texture matter, go for the brand names. When choosing a pat of butter to spread on a crusty slice of French bread or warm blueberry muffin, look for a high-quality butter. Wisconsin, “America’s Dairyland” state, grades butter as AA, A, B, or Undergrade according to flavor, body, color, and saltiness.

13. Canned Beans


When it comes to canned beans, a brand name may beat out the generic competition. First of all, when purchasing products like baked beans, be sure to compare the labels. Generic baked beans may include extra sugar, salt, and additives that brand name beans don’t have. For plain beans, if you have been happily purchasing generic products, there is no need to switch to the brand name. Just be sure to keep an eye on the salt content. However, some generic canned beans tend to be mushier and of a less pleasing texture than the brand name choices.


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