12. Cereal

Cereal Sugar

It seems like breakfast cereals should be simple things to manufacture. However, when browsing the cereal aisle, compare the ingredients before choosing a generic cereal over the brand name product. Some generic brands include a lengthy list of chemical additives that do nothing to improve the flavor of the product. Furthermore, generic brands of old standbys like Cheerios or Shredded Wheat don’t have the same well-loved flavor and texture of the brand name items. Avoid ending up with what tastes like a box of cardboard flakes and stick to the brand names for these products.

11. Cheese

Label Cheese With Dates

When choosing cheese, don’t skimp on flavor by selecting cheaper versions. According to the Food Network, cheese is a product in which a higher price generally reflects higher quality and taste. What’s more, generic brands may include unnecessary fillers. Whether you prefer the mild flavor of mozzarella or enjoy the bolder flavors of aged cheddar, treat yourself to the brand name varieties. Furthermore, when you need shredded cheese, purchase a block of cheese to shred yourself. Pre-shredded versions of cheese contain ingredients to prevent the shreds from sticking to each other. This results in a cheese that is less smooth and melty.

10. Chocolate


As a kid, did anyone ever slip “chocolate-flavored” candy into your trick-or-treat bag? This waxy imposter bears little resemblance to the goodness of real chocolate. As an adult, you know to avoid imitation chocolates. However, there are also definite flavor and texture differences in genuine chocolate products. You may prefer dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao and the health benefits of this antioxidant. Or, you may enjoy the sweet, creamy, smoothness of a square of milk chocolate. With variants in fat, sugar, and cocoa content, check the labels and choose high-quality chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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