6. Orange Juice

Orange Juice

When shopping for orange juice, search out brands that deliver that fresh-squeezed taste without extra processing. Florida’s Natural orange juice is made “not-from-concentrate.” According to the company, this means that their orange juice is squeezed, flash-pasteurized, and poured into cartons. Meanwhile, orange juice that is made from concentrate endures heat and pressure to extract the water. Then, the concentrate is frozen before water is added back in, and the liquid is pasteurized and bottled. Of course, for truly amazing, fresh-squeezed orange juice, try squeezing your own at home.

5. Oreo Sandwich Cookies


When it comes to sandwich cookies, nobody beats the Oreo. Whether you prefer Oreo original, Double Stuf, or Oreo Thins, Nabisco has you covered. The generic versions just don’t stack up. Some generic cookies lack the cookie crispness, and others miss the boat on the filling consistency. So, whether you nibble your cookies like a sandwich, peel them apart to consume in layers, or dunk them in milk, the name you want on your cookie is Oreo.

4. Pancake Syrup

Pancake Syrup

A stack of hotcakes may be the perfect way to start a weekend morning. When you reach for the golden syrup to drizzle on top, brand name products may deliver more of the syrupy flavor you came to love in childhood. Unfortunately, even brand name breakfast syrups usually contain mainly caramel-colored high fructose corn syrup along with additives and preservatives. For a genuinely delightful pancake topping without added chemicals, stick to 100% real maple syrup.

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