13. Deli Meat

Deli Meat

Cold cuts and cured meats are also high in blood pressure-raising sodium. Deli meats are high in salt to add flavor and act as a preservative. Four ounces of deli turkey can contain a whopping 1000 mg of sodium. Since the maximum daily dietary recommendation is just 2300 mg of salt, this is enough to send your blood pressure soaring. Swap out deli turkey for slices of fresh turkey for great taste without all the sodium.

12. Pizza


Every layer of that pizza pie contains sodium, from the pepperoni toppings to the melty cheese, the robust tomato sauce and the doughy crust. To enjoy the delicious taste of pizza without excess sodium, order thin crust pies with veggie toppings and no extra cheese. Control sodium levels by making your own pizza at home with fresh vegetables, homemade tomato sauce, and low-sodium cheese.

11. Pickles


These juicy treats are soaked in a salty brine and can contain as much as 1200 mg of sodium per pickle. Dill pickles aren’t the only culprits. Sweet pickles are high in salt as well and have the added negative effects of added sugars. If you can’t give up the crispy bite of a pickle, then take steps to cut back on quantity. It is possible to enjoy the crunchy taste of pickles without overdoing it on salt. Use a couple of slices as a condiment on top of your sandwich instead of as a side dish alongside it. Better yet, search out recipes for homemade salt-free pickles using cucumbers and apple cider vinegar.


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