7. Red Meat

Red Meat

The cholesterol and saturated fat contained in red meats contribute to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Red meats also contain the sodium that raises your blood pressure. To reduce the risks associated with consuming red meat, you don’t necessarily have to become a vegetarian. Limit yourself to red meat just once or twice each week. Prepare smaller portion sizes or use meat as the flavor in your dishes as opposed to making it your star ingredient.

6. Bread


Breads, baked goods, and other processed bakery items contain added salt and sugars that are detrimental to your health. Stick to healthy whole grains to avoid excess sodium and refined sugars. Additionally, you may not realize how much sodium is in the tortillas that you enjoy with your burritos or tacos. Replace white bread made with refined flour with nutrient-dense whole wheat bread. Enjoy a burrito bowl packed with veggies instead of your traditional flour tortilla.

5. French Fries

French Fries

Fried in oil and served with generous helpings of salt, these tasty snacks can send your blood pressure through the roof. Pair your fries with a generous dose of ketchup and you’re really giving your heart a workout. For a hot, zesty substitute, try roasting your own sweet potato fries in the oven. Baste lightly with olive oil and sprinkle on garlic and spices for a tasty treat that more than satisfies your french fry cravings.


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