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Eating out is a great way to try new foods and enjoy the dining experience without having to grocery shop, slave over a hot stove, or clean up afterward. When you spend the money to eat out, you want to be sure you get good value for your investment. You also want to avoid choosing options that might make you sick. With that in mind, the following 15 items are foods you may want to avoid when eating in a restaurant.

15. Lemon Wedges on Drinks

Feel free to ask the bartender to skip the lemon or lime wedges on your beverages. Citrus fruit looks attractive on the rim of your glass and can add a splash of flavor. However, along with the tangy flavor, these fruits can deliver a dose of food poisoning if they have not been properly washed. The Cleveland Clinic reports that lemon and lime wedges may be contaminated with bacteria if restaurant employees do not wash their hands properly or wear gloves when handling them.

14. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Add oranges to the list of fruits that may carry bacteria on the rind. Oranges need to be properly washed to remove all traces of bacteria from the rind. Otherwise, pathogens on the peel can make their way into freshly squeezed orange juice. When dining out, skip the expensive, freshly-squeezed orange juice and stick to pasteurized juices. Even at home, the FDA recommends scrubbing firm produce like oranges under running water with a stiff brush to clean away any bacteria.


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