4. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a refreshing treat, but restaurant ice cream is often no different from the fare you find in your grocery store freezer. Skip the hefty restaurant price tag and pick up a pint on your way home. Better yet, if you’ve saved room for dessert, order something decadent that you can’t just easily whip up at home.

3. Wedge Salad

Wedge Salad

If you are going to pay restaurant prices, you might want to order something that takes a little creativity. A wedge salad doesn’t require much more effort than just plopping a wedge of lettuce on a plate and adding a garnish. Take advantage of the opportunity to have someone create a dining masterpiece for you and save the boring slab of lettuce for home.

2. Well-Done Meat

Well Done Meat

Sure, you want to avoid food poisoning. But ordering a serving of well-done meat may provide you with a tasteless, dried-out husk of charred meat. Of course, if this is what your heart desires, please disregard. However, to truly get your money’s worth and enjoy the juicy flavor, order your meat cooked to medium rare.



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