Benefits Of Celery

Celery is an often-overlooked vegetable that may not grace your table except as an accompaniment to buffalo wings and a dollop of ranch dressing. But this unassuming vegetable is packed with minerals and other nutrients that have more health benefits than you may realize. Check out this list of 15 health benefits of celery, and learn how to incorporate more celery into your diet.

15. Lowered Cholesterol

Lowered Cholesterol

The crisp and crunchy celery stalk is rich in fibers that aid in digestion and contribute to the cholesterol-lowering effect of the plant. Celery is also rich in compounds called phthalides. The New York Times reports that researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center have discovered some interesting benefits of celery consumption. Eating four stalks of celery each day can decrease your cholesterol by as much as 7%. Additionally, celery stimulates the manufacture of bile acids. Bile acids play a key role in the removal of cholesterol from your body.

14. Decreased Blood Pressure

Decreased Blood Pressure

The phthalides that are useful in lowering your cholesterol also play a part in lowering blood pressure. Decreased cholesterol plaques in your arteries allow blood to flow normally. The potassium in celery also lowers blood pressure by dilating blood vessels. Enjoy your celery raw for the very best effects on your blood pressure. When purchasing celery, choose produce with firm stalks and bright green leaves. Avoid limp celery or stalks with brown or wilted leaves. Store your celery in the refrigerator and consume within one week.


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