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Take a walk down the chips aisle at the grocery store, and you face an intimidating amount of snack food choices. With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to find the best bang for your buck. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard research for you: here are our 15 favorite chips, ranked from worst to best based on a combination of value, healthiness and, of course, deliciousness.

15. Frito’s Chili Cheese Flavored Corn Chips


(credit Frtio Lay)

Possibly one of the most sinister snack foods ever concocted, Frito’s Chili Cheese Flavored Corn Chips are one of the saltiest, fattiest and overall unhealthiest chips on the planet. With a heart-stopping 270mg of sodium and 10g of fat per 1oz serving, it’s safe to say that these chips should not be a staple in anyone’s diet. To top it off, these chips also use caramel coloring which has been tied to certain carcinogens in animals. Our advice to you: eat at your own risk.

14. Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream


(credit Frtio Lay)

Cashing in on the chip and dip all-in-one trend, Ruffles has given the world their Cheddar & Sour Cream chips. These salty (seriously, very salty) snacks pack a flavor wallop that leave your fingertips orange. Though they are absolutely delicious, did we mention their salty? With a whopping 180mg of sodium per 1oz serving, these chips are best enjoyed in small doses. Considering that high sodium levels are one of the leading causes of high blood pressure, we’ve left Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream toward the bottom of our list.

13. Lay’s Classic Potato Chips


lays-classic chips

(credit Frtio Lay)

Probably one of the most iconic snacks in the world, Lay’s potato chips have been greasing up fingertips for generations. While they boast that you can never stop at just one, you may want to consider limiting your intake of these to one serving. With 10g of fat and 170mg of sodium per serving, you’re getting well over your daily recommended value. Though these classic potato chips are a mainstay at parties, most cardiologists would rather see this greasy, salty snack food by the wayside.

12. Lay’s Sour Cream & Onion


(credit Frtio Lay)

In terms of health benefits, Lay’s Sour Cream & Onion rank about the same as their original counterparts. However, given that you get a little extra flavor for your buck, we decide to place these chips slightly higher on our list. They are by no means a healthier option: 10g of fat and 160mg of sodium. If you’re trying to regulate blood pressure or cut sodium out of your diet, these, like the previous snacks in our list, should be avoided like a case of the flu.

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11. Terra Sweet Potato Chips (No Salt Added)


Terra Sweet Potato Chips (No Salt Added)

(credit Terra)

Here’s the first snack on our list that makes an effort to cut down the obscenely high levels of sodium found in most chips. With just 10mg of sodium, these are by far some of the least salty snacks on the market. This chips won’t exactly slim you down, however. They pack 11g of fat, including 1g of saturated fat, into every 1oz serving. That’s actually more than the Frito’s! Nevertheless, we think that Terra Sweet Potato Chips offer a more naturally tasty snacking experience with less grease and less salt.

10.  Pringles Sour Cream & Onion

(credit Pringles)

Pringles may have reinvented the proverbial wheel of potato chip packaging, but they have many of the same unhealthy qualities as their traditional counterparts. They rank slightly higher for both their value and lower calorie count. However, they also pump MSG into their recipe. Though no health concerns can be directly correlated to the consumption of MSG, many suspect that the flavoring is tied to headaches, flushes, sweating and more. Or, perhaps those symptoms are simply a result of getting your hand stuck in the canister reaching for that last chip.

9. Lay’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

(credit Frtio Lay)

Kettle cooked potato chips are a crunchy, savory flavor experience that most people can’t get enough of. Lay’s kettle chips are no exception. In terms of nutritional value, they fare slightly better than their deep-fried brethren, clocking in at 160 calories with 9g of fat and relatively reasonable 90mg of sodium. We should mention that these chips are by no means a way of trimming off pounds; but, as far as chips cooked with oil are concerned, Lay’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are definitely a healthier alternative.

8. Kettle Brand Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips


(credit Kettle Brand)

Like Lay’s Kettle Cooked chips, Kettle Brand also offers these satisfyingly crunchy and flavorful snacks, but in a wider variety of flavors. One of our favorites is the sea salt and vinegar chip. In terms of health benefits, there are none. In fact, these are less healthy than Lay’s, but we think the taste makes up for that. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more flavorful, full-bodied, tangy snack than these sea salt and vinegar chips. But with 210mg of sodium, your cardiovascular system will also be hard pressed if you munch too many of these.

 7. Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips


Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips

(credit Frtio Lay)

Our list of delicious chips and snacks would be remiss without the zesty, cheesy, nacho-y tortilla chips from Doritos. While Doritos Nacho Cheese chips have as much sodium as they do flavor, they are relatively low in fat at just 8g. Plus each serving packs 2g of protein, which is actually a nutrient you want. However, our old friend MSG rears its head again. But let’s just pretend that we’re getting headaches for another reason.

 6. Tostitos Original Tortilla Chips


(credit Frtio Lay)

Tostitos Original Tortilla Chips are the go-to choice for many people. Not only are they the perfect crunchy, salty counterpart to spicy salsa, but comparatively low in the things that are bad for you. Each serving has only 7g of fat, 115mg of sodium, 2g of protein and no added sugar. Granted, they don’t have the nutritional benefits of an avocado; but as far as chips go, are a much healthier choice.

5. Sun Chips French Onion 100% Whole Grain Chips


Sun Chips French Onion 100% Whole Grain Chips

(credit Frito Lay)

Sun Chips have done an excellent job incorporating 100% whole grains into a delicious crunchy treat. In fact, nutritionists recommend whole grains for their natural fiber and minerals. While the French onion flavor does add some unwanted calories and sodium to the mix, these chips, nevertheless, remain a healthier option. With only 6g of fat in a large 1oz serving, Sun Chips are a smarter choice for those looking to stay trim.  Plus, you receive the added benefit of whole grains, offering 2g of fiber and 2g of protein to each serving.

4. Ruffles Oven Baked Cheddar & Sour Cream Potato Chips


Baked Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream

(credit Frito Lay)

We were shocked when we saw the difference in fat content between original Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream chips and the baked version. With just 3.5g of fat per serving, Ruffles Oven Bake Cheddar & Sour Cream potato chips contain 65 percent less fat. The sodium count, unfortunately, is up there at 240mg. These should be avoided by those who have a heart-healthy conscious diet. Again, certainly not a health food, but a better option nonetheless that’s packed with flavor.

3. Popchips Sea Salt Potato Chips

(credit Pop Chips)

Popchips are a relatively recent addition to the snack industry, and they have taken a unique approach to making an old-time favorite. Their method of pressure cooking potato chips creates these interesting, crunchy, puffy potato bites that are irresistible. The preparation method also reduces the amount of fat produced. Plus, the oil they use consists of healthy monounsaturated fats with absolutely no saturated fats. Unfortunately, they do have a fondness for sodium. But in terms of keeping the pounds off, these chips are your best bet.

 2. Tostitos Oven Baked Scoops


Tostitos Oven Baked Scoops

(credit Frito Lay)

We return to Tostitos for the number-two spot on our list with their Oven Baked Scoops. These perfect salsa-scooping, guac-topping dip vessels make for ideal finger food. The fat content is limited to 3g per serving with just .5g of saturated fat. The sodium level is lower than most chips, at 140mg, making these a smarter choice for your cardio health. Plus, did we mention how awesome these chips are for dipping? Seriously, it’s like they were made for dipping.

1. Lay’s Oven Baked Original Potato Chips

(credit Frito Lay)

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Finally, the top crunchy snack on our countdown, of course, belongs to the classic Lay’s potato chip–in its baked form. Somehow Lay’s has managed to create the perfect balance between delicious, salty flavor and health consciousness. These chips boast 80 percent less fat (only 2g) than their fried counterparts and contain 0g saturated fat. And with just 135mg of sodium, these are certainly some of the less salty snacks of the bunch. Simple and classic, when it comes to the best, most sensible snack food, Lay’s Oven Baked potato chips meets all the criteria.



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