7. Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni And Cheese

Every kid’s favorite, macaroni and cheese is a homey comfort food that adults enjoy as well. Unfortunately, the cheese, butter, and milk that make the cheesy sauce so delicious contain saturated fats and cholesterol. Check out Cooking Light’s recipe for a healthier version of creamy macaroni and cheese using low-fat milk and cheese. Make your macaroni and cheese even healthier by sneaking in pureed cauliflower or zucchini and stirring in steamed broccoli.

6. Cheese


Cheese is delicious on everything from pizza to veggies to sandwiches. Unfortunately, the National Cancer Institute warns that it is the number one food source for saturated fats in the United States. All is not lost. With so many different cheeses available, you can seek out those with lower levels of fat and cholesterol. Try substituting part-skim mozzarella, low-fat cheddar, or even low-fat cottage cheese for other cheeses in recipes. Avoid using whole-milk ricotta, full-fat cheddar, and Swiss, feta, Muenster, and processed American cheese.

5. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

The creamy deliciousness of this frozen treat contains saturated fats and sugars that can increase your LDL. For a delicious substitute, try flash freezing chunks of banana and run it through a food processor for a bowl of creamy goodness without the saturated fats. Experiment with flavors by adding other fruits, nuts, cocoa powder, or dark chocolate chips. Fruit smoothies are another refreshing substitute for ice cream.

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