Frozen Vegetables

The freezer does so much more than just make ice. It is a great tool when it comes to planning ahead and preparing meals in advance, which is incredibly helpful on those busy days. However, while it does help you plan ahead and also help keep foods at their peak before they spoil, there are foods that are not good choices for freezing. Keeping the wrong foods in the freezer can lead to inedible meals and even health risks. Here are 16 foods you should never put in your freezer.

16. Milk


Milk, unfortunately, is one of those items that shouldn’t be placed in your freezer. The milk can separate into chunks and can have watery parts when thawed. While it is safe to consume, it’s not exactly the best consistency for your coffee or cereals.

15. Potatoes


Since potatoes have a high water content, after they are stored in a freezer, you can be left with a mushy and soft potato. Who wants that? Instead, if you’re cooking a meal with these delicious veggies and are hoping to freeze the leftovers, you can go for it! The texture change of cooking the potato can help with freezing.


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