11. Raw Veggies and Fruits


Many vegetables and fruits are known to have high amounts of water, such as celery, cucumbers, salad greens, and watermelons, all of which will not be able to survive in the freezer because of the water inside them. Instead, you will see that they quickly form crystals.

10. Crumb-Topped Meals or Desserts

Crumb Cake

Let’s say you’ve cooked a delicious macaroni and cheese meal that’s perfectly topped with crispy crumble and you have leftovers. While you might be inclined to stash it in the freezer, you shouldn’t, as the meal will meet the same fate as fried foods. When crumb-topped meals and desserts are exposed to cold temperatures in the freezer, you’ll be left with a soggy, soft mush of a meal.

9. Previously Defrosted Meat

Ground Beef

If you pulled steaks out of the freezer to cook for dinner, but unfortunately (as tends to happen to most of us) never get to cook them, avoid tossing them back into the freezer. Frozen and thawed foods can attract harmful bacteria faster than meat that hasn’t been in the freezer. It is best to instead cook the meat fully and then eat it or put it back in the freezer.

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