12. Fugu


The Japanese pufferfish, fugu, can only be prepared by chefs with years of specialized training and licensing. These blowfish contain tetrodotoxin, which causes numbness, paralysis, and death. The BBC reports that since the year 2000, twenty-three people have died in Japan after ingesting fugu. After preparing this dish, chefs lock up the poisonous remains of this fish and send them off to be burned.

11. Haggis


This Scottish pudding made from offal, the entrails and internal organs of sheep, is banned in the United States. The USDA has banned the importation of livestock lung since 1971. Traditionally, the liver, lungs, and heart of the animal are combined with oats, seasonings, and spices, then are cooked in either the animal’s stomach or a fabric bag.

10. Horse Meat

Horse Meat

While some argue that horse meat is a viable alternative to beef, there is a ban on the importation of horse meat to the United States. While horse meat is consumed in other countries, Americans have an aversion to the slaughter and consumption of these majestic animals.

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