9. Lazy Cakes

Lazy Cakes

These melatonin-laced brownies were banned in Arkansas. The sleep-inducing snacks are touted as “relaxation brownies” and sold under names such as Kush Cakes, Lazy Cakes, and Lulla Pies. Arkansas government officials removed them from shelves to protect children from their effects. The melatonin in the cakes is also sold as a sleeping aid.

8. Mirabelle Plums

Mirabelle Plums

These sweet yellow plums aren’t poisonous or endangered. However, they are grown only in Lorraine, France, and importation laws prevent them from entering the United States. Although it is difficult to get true Mirabelle plums from France, you may want to try growing your own.

7. Ortolan


This strange delicacy is made by catching ortolan, tiny songbirds. They are fattened up via force feeding and drowned in a vat of brandy before being cooked in fat. Diners place a napkin over their own heads and consume the bird whole, feet first. While some claim this expensive dish has a savory flavor of hazelnut and wild game, the cruel practices surrounding its preparation can be a turn-off. Additionally, this bird is endangered and is a protected species in the European Union.

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