3. Sassafras Oil

Sassafras Oil

Once used to flavor root beer, sassafras oil has been banned by the FDA since 1960. In large quantities, the safrole contained in sassafras can be carcinogenic. If you catch sassafras listed as an ingredient on your bottle of root beer, it has probably been made using a safrole-free extract. Most root beers we enjoy today are flavored with molasses, honey, vanilla, and other flavoring agents.

2. Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles

If you want to cook up a pot of sea turtle soup, you will have to come up with a different option. Sea turtles are an endangered species and are therefore illegal to consume. Sympathy for the sea turtle’s plight isn’t the only reason to refrain from seeking them on the black market. The turtles also harbor numerous bacteria, toxins, and heavy metals that are dangerous to humans.

1. Shark Fins

Shark Fins

The consumption of shark meat is not banned in the United States; however, “finning” is illegal. Finning is the practice of catching sharks, removing their fins, and throwing the remains back into the ocean. Currently, there are 12 states that have banned the sale of shark fins. Despite these laws, some restaurants continue to offer shark fin soup on the menu.

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