9. Frozen TV Dinners

Frozen Tv Dinners

Back in the day, there was something unique about pulling a frozen meal from the freezer. You would heat it and then consume it on a folding metal TV tray in front of the television. Before the days of microwave frozen meals, these dinners came in aluminum trays and were baked in the oven. As a child, you may have enjoyed the little compartments containing goodies like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and a brownie or cobbler for dessert.

8. Jell-O Gelatin

Jell O Gelatin

There must be something redeeming about this cool, refreshing treat, since it is still served in hospitals today. Years ago, Jell-O gelatin graced every church potluck and company picnic. It can served plain in fruity flavors like strawberry, lime, orange, and lemon, or dressed up by blending with Cool Whip to make a creamy, fruity dessert. This versatile delicacy can also be combined with fruit or vegetables and chilled in a Jell-O mold to form an amazing, jiggly salad.

7. Meatloaf

Meat Loaf

Sizzling hot and blanketed in a sweet sauce of ketchup and brown sugar, meatloaf enjoyed a weekly rotation on dinner menus in many homes. If the monthly grocery budget was stretched a bit thin, no worry. Mom would bulk up this meaty dish by blending in bread crumbs, oats, or crushed corn flakes. Served with a side of mashed potatoes and string beans, and followed by a slice of gooey chocolate cake, this meal resonates warmth, comfort, and home.


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