Heart Attack

Many of us are aware of the foods we eat that aren’t good for heart health. Yet even some of our favorites that might be considered healthy — like yogurt, for example — have been linked to heart disease. Think about your favorite foods before reading on, then see how many of them are in this list of 20 foods that could cause heart disease. If, like us, you’re shocked to find lots of your faves here, fear not. Healthier alternatives are available these days, in many cases. Simply eating these foods less could also make a big difference for your heart.

20. Sugary Drinks


Soda, diet soda, sports drinks, sweetened juices — all of these sugary drinks and more could be putting way too much glucose in your bloodstream if you drink them daily. This can lead to an increase in blood pressure, as well increasing the bloodstream’s triglyceride load from the liver releasing more fat. Not every influence sugar has on the heart is clear, but the connection between sugar consumption and heart disease is a strong one. Try weaning yourself off sugary drinks by drinking pure filtered water throughout the day instead.

19. Candy


The main ingredient in candy is sugar. We just established back in the sugary drinks category that sugar raises blood pressure. When candy and sugary foods are eaten regularly, blood glucose is chronically high, your heart has to pump harder to do its job, and eventually heart disease could be the result. Or, you could develop a combo of type 2 diabetes and heart disease all from the same source: too much sugar. When candy cravings hit, try eating a few grapes or berries instead. But don’t overdo the fruit, because too much fructose can be hard on the liver.


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