18. White Bread

White Bread

White bread is harder on the heart than some other breads because it’s made with refined or processed grain. When a grain is broken down into refined carbohydrate form, it becomes a simple sugar that digests quickly and causes a quick rise of glucose in the bloodstream. Refined and other simple sugars can raise the body’s triglyceride levels in our blood. Refined grain in white bread has also lost some of its nutrient value during processing, no longer providing as much heart-healthy fiber and phytonutrients. Switch to whole grain bread or eliminate breads from your diet altogether.

17. Sugary Cereals

Cereal Sugar

Sweetened cereals are fun, yummy and addictive, but they sure can be bad for the body. The list of unhealthy ingredients can be quite long. Sugar, corn syrup, saturated fat, modified starches, artificial dyes, preservatives — when you break it down, no wonder your heart starts beating faster when you see a box of cereal you love. It’s because your heart fears for its life! Fortunately, not all breakfast cereals are created the same. The better cereal choices include those made from whole grains without any additives or added sweeteners.

16. Fat-Free Foods


Fat Free

There are at least three problems with foods that are altered to be fat-free. First, fat-free food typically has added sugar for texture, taste and the blissful sugar rush feeling that keeps you coming back for more. Second, fat-free packaged foods are often junk foods you should avoid anyway due to low nutrient value and fake food ingredients. Third, healthy fats are important for heart health. Instead of filling your plate with foods altered to be fat-free, eat a variety of naturally fat-free vegetables plus whole food sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, avocado, and walnuts.


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