15. Sauces

Pasta Sauce

Before pouring on the sauces and gravy, consider how these delicious extras might be messing with your heart health. Store-bought pasta sauce, BBQ sauce, and teriyaki sauce are full of sugar. There’s about 1,000 mg of sodium in just one tablespoon of soy sauce, and store-bought gravy is also riddled with salt. Even small servings of these sauces can be detrimental to heart function due to high levels of sugar, salt and preservatives. If you can’t give up your favorite sauces, make them from scratch at home, where you can control what ingredients you eat.

14. Red Meat

Red Meat

Move over saturated fat. It seems red meat might be a threat to heart health in other ways, too. A recent study found that the levels of a chemical linked to heart disease tripled for participants who regularly ate red meat. That chemical is called trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), which is created during digestion by the bacteria in the gut. TMAO is believed to be linked to heart disease by how it influences cholesterol in arteries and platelets in the blood. The good news? The study also showed that reducing red meat consumption reversed the amount of TMAO in the body.

13. Bouillon


The main ingredient you need to avoid in bouillon products is monosodium glutamate (MSG). Become a strict label reader to make sure any bouillon cubes, powders, and pastes are MSG-free. The relative safety of MSG or lack thereof is something experts seem to disagree on, but some swear that MSG causes troubling symptoms for the body and for your heart. Called the MSG symptom complex, consuming MSG could bring on symptoms like heart palpitations and chest pain. Ask your doctor if they feel you should err on the side of safety and avoid MSG completely.

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