3. Butter

Eating Butter

Organic butter from grass-fed cows consumed in moderation is probably fine for some people, but it could be a ticking time bomb for others. It all depends on your bio-individuality, or what chemicals your individual body can and cannot handle. Keto diet enthusiasts are big fans of quality butter and many do thrive eating it. However, all the saturated fat you ingest when dousing your potato, toast, popcorn, etc. with butter could lead to troubling levels of LDL cholesterol and heart disease. Check with your doctor about whether or not eating butter is right for you.

2. Flavored Yogurt


Wait a minute. Isn’t yogurt supposed to be a great source of probiotics? Yes, it is. But flavored yogurts you buy at the store are also full of sugar. Regular consumption of sweetened flavored yogurt could cause glucose and insulin spikes, and could eventually lead to diabetes and heart disease. Yogurt does provide some good stuff, like those probiotics and some protein, so you may not have to give it up. Try switching to plain Greek yogurt with a little bit of stevia or maple syrup, then enjoy it in moderation.

1. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Ice cream is by far one of the hardest treats for many of us to give up, but most of us should be eating it far less. All the sugar and fat from ice cream increases the glucose and triglyceride load in the blood. If that happens regularly, it could lead to a heart attack. If you like bananas, here’s a much healthier option. Add a bit of milk to chunks of frozen banana in a blender or food processor. Blend until it reaches ice cream consistency. Eat immediately, as is or with healthy toppings like walnuts.

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