Stress Hormone

Stress eating can be a real problem, especially if you find yourself no longer fitting into those skinny jeans. But if you feel like eating your emotions, then why not at least eat the right foods that are proven to fight stress, and not to mention, will also help reduce your waist size.

When you are feeling stressed, it means your body is producing high levels of the hormone cortisol. In this stressful state, cortisol is responsible for storing body fat, and belly fat in particular, according to Yale researchers.

Fortunately, eating your stress away with particular foods can counteract the cortisol. So taking a trip to the grocery store can in fact be a great thing to do when hungry–or stressed. These foods are loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient that has been found to reduce the feeling of stress. Snack on the vitamin C-rich foods below to help fight against high levels of cortisol and stress; each one contains more than 20 percent of your daily value.

20. Cherries


Tart and sweet, cherries are like nature’s candy. They’re about 81 percent water by volume, so they do a great job of filling you up with very few calories. A single cup has a quarter of the day’s vitamin C. Thanks to their melatonin compounds, cherries are also a wonderful sleep aid.

19. Cranberries


Although they are primarily known for their UTI fighting capabilities, cranberries are among the fruits lowest in sugar, which make them a tasty treat and a nice addition to any salad or smoothie.


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