9. Deep-Fried State Fair Food

Deep Fried Food

While you might be tempted to reach for that corn dog, onion ring or even deep fried Oreos, there’s a reason why doctors, nutritionists and probably everyone else recommends you stay away from these fatty foods. “When we deep fry foods, we expose the oil and fat to extremely high temperatures. When this happens, free radicals, the primary culprit in aging, are formed,” says Hayim. “These foods not only cause damage to our waistlines but to our organs and insides as well.”

8. Fried Fast Foods

Fried Fast Foods

You might be craving those French fries, but it’s best to set them aside. “Restaurants will typically use corn oil, one of the unhealthiest oils,” says Orlick Levy. “When consumed, it releases free radicals in the body. Free radical damage or oxidative stress has numerous effects on health and well-being, including heart disease and wrinkles.”

7. Agave

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You’ve probably heard that agave is better than using syrup on your pancakes, but you should think again before reaching for this “healthy” alternative. “Agave is often mistaken as a healthier alternative to sugar, but this sweet syrup is packed with fructose. Once the liver meets fructose, it not only turns it into fat but also breaks down collagen, making fine lines more noticeable,” said Dr. Taz.



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