6. Trans Fats

Trans Fats

The trans fats you’re consuming can be causing you more problems than just not being able to fit into your favorite pair of jeans. “Fats that have been artificially hydrogenated are some of the most inflammatory substances out there,” says St. John. “Trans fats may even make us more susceptible to UV damage to our skin.”

5. Candy


It was your favorite as a kid, and probably still is now. Whether you reach for sour gummies or lollipops, candy is one thing you should stay clear of. “Processed sugar is quickly processed in the body and can lead to a high insulin response and fast weight gain,” says St. John. “Plus, high intakes of [candy] can negatively affect dental health, and nothing ages you faster than a discolored–or missing–smile.” Instead, try eating dark chocolate!

4. Charred Meats

Charred Meats
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You might enjoy a plate of charred meat, but you should consider limiting your consumption of your favorite burnt meats. “Meat that has been cooked to a ‘blackened’ status is very inflammatory to the body,” explained St. John. “Inflammation may actually break down collagen levels in the skin, leading to an aged appearance,” she added.



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