12. Salad Toppings


Just because it’s a “salad” doesn’t make it a healthy or nutritious option. It’s what’s in the salad, and how much you consume. Salad toppings and additions, like croutons, nuts, dried fruits, and taco shells can add an extra 300-400 calories to a 150-calorie salad. Also, salad dressings can also add more calories, even if it’s a “light” dressing. When eating a salad, ensure that toppings and additions are kept to a minimum, and boost the number of greens in the salad. 

11. Microwave Popcorn

Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn — when consumed plain and air-popped — is a healthy whole-grain food source. Unfortunately, microwave popcorn doesn’t have the same benefits. Microwave popcorn, including the natural and light options, is loaded with artificial flavors, sodium, and fats. When eating popcorn, choose the air-popped kind and use low-calorie low-salt flavorings. 

10. Açaí

Acai Berries

It might be delicious and popular, but açaí doesn’t quite live up to the hype. Açaí, the pricey grape-like berry from South America, is often mixed with nuts, fruit, or granola, which can increase calorie content and sugar. Rather than an açaí bowl, a handful of less expensive berries might be a better choice. 


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