9. Rice Cakes


Light, crunchy, and fluffy, rice cakes are a tempting “healthy” snack when you’re on a diet. They might seem unassuming, but most rice cakes are artificially flavored and are low in nutrients. And though they’re low in calories, you might feel the need to smear high-calorie toppings on them to give them some flavor. When it comes to snacks, rice cakes aren’t the best choice. 

8. Baked Chips

Potato Chips

Like rice cakes, baked potato chips seem like a “healthy” snack option. After all, they’re low in oil and aren’t deep fried like most other potato chips. Unfortunately, baked chips are extremely processed and can increase blood sugar and encourage fat storage. 

7. Mocktails

Sugary Cocktails

Alcohol leads to weight gain, but “mocktails” aren’t so good for the waistline, either. While non-alcoholic drinks like virgin-style margaritas and piña coladas are still high in sugars and calories. Rather than drinking the mocktails or the actual cocktails, it’s better to drink a small amount of wine or light beer. 


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