Avoid Eating

Hitting the big 4-0 brings changes with it, one being greater difficulty in losing those last five pounds off your frame. However, there are certain foods you can eliminate from your diet to help slow down the process.

Here are 20 of the worst foods to eat if you’re over the age of 40. These tempting foods can be found in many homes across America, and are responsible for the unnecessary amounts of sugar, saturated fat, and sodium consumed daily.

20. Powdered Coffee Creamer

Coffee Creamer

As tasty as it may make your coffee, powdered coffee creamer contains some unexpected ingredients. Sodium aluminosilicate, which is added to the creamer as an anti-caking agent, is also found in detergent and has also been found to cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritations. Not to mention, Coffee-Mate’s Original also contains hydrogenated vegetable oil, which adds heart-harming saturated fat.

19. Soda


As we’ve been told thousands of times, soda is no good for our bodies. But why exactly is it bad? Studies have shown that regular consumption of sugary drinks has been linked to heart disease. In a study focused on 80,000 female participants who researchers followed over the course of 22 years, those who consumed a can of soda every day had a 75 percent higher risk of developing gout than women who rarely imbibed.


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