6. Being Impatient

Grilling Chicken

“When grilling chicken, finding the right time to flip is essential!” said Wolf. “If you flip too early, then you end up ripping off the top layer of the caramelized meat. The best way to prevent this is twofold: First, use a clean grilling surface. When cooking chicken, make sure that the residue from the previous cooking session is cleaned off, which will prevent the chicken from sticking. Secondly, wait for the chicken to release naturally. When you first place the meat on the grill, it will stick from the heat, but after a while, it will slowly form an outer crusted layer. This layer will release from a clean grill grate at the right time. Just wait for it.”

5. Moving Chicken in the Pan

Chicken In The Pan

Constantly moving the chicken around in the pan is similar to pressing the elevator button frequently: it will get you nowhere real fast. “If you want a nice sear, try not to move the chicken for about 5 to 7 minutes once in the pan. If the chicken is sticking, it’s probably not ready and won’t be golden brown. Also, try to avoid over-flipping. Turn it once and don’t touch again for an additional 5 to 7 minutes. Again, the goal is a golden brown color on each side,” said Sidoti.

4. Cooking a Whole Breast

Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts are pretty thick, and when you try to cook an uneven chicken it will cook at different rates, which can leave you with overcooked chicken at one end and undercooked at the other. To avoid this problem, try doing two things. The first is to butterfly your breast. Take a sharp knife at the middle of the meat and begin to cut down the breast until you’ve cut it in half. The second option is to pound the breast meat until it’s even.


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