3. Eating Meat Right When It’s Cooked

Cooked Chicken

Chicken is cooked to perfection when it’s at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the perfect time to remove the chicken from the stove and set it on your plate. One thing is important to note: while chicken may look ready enough to eat, it’s important to let it sit after being taken off the stovetop for approximately 15 minutes to allow the juices and moisture to redistribute properly.

2. Improperly Storing Leftovers


You’ve cooked an incredible chicken dinner and have some left over, so naturally you bring out the Tupperware for tomorrow’s lunch. One suggestion: Avoid tossing the leftovers into some Pyrex and cramming the container into the first open space you see in the fridge. Instead, store the chicken on the lowest shelf in the fridge. Since cold air sinks, the lowest part of the fridge will be cooler than the higher shelves.

1. Throwing Bones Away

Throwing Bones

If you decided to try bone-in-chicken, it might seem reasonable to throw those bones in the garbage, but don’t! You will miss out on the great opportunity to repurpose the bones into delicious and nutritious bone broth. Bone broth can help improve nutrient absorption, relieve joint and cartilage pain, and can even help cure a hangover!

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