12. Frozen Fruit Bars

Frozen Fruit Bars

As you’ve probably seen while strolling through the frozen section of your favorite supermarket,  fruit and juice bars aren’t rich in calories but are rich in price. Instead, try making your own at home to get the flavors you like and avoid the hassle of looking through the boxes of sold-out flavors.

11. Boxed Rice Entrée or Side Dish Mixes

Side Dish Mixes

These boxed items consist of rice, salt, and spices, yet the price is much higher than the ingredients are when sold individually. While there may be added flavors included, they are ones that you most likely have in your pantry already.

10. Energy or Protein Bars

Protein Bars
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The bars are marketed to be a healthy alternative to candy bars, but unfortunately, they are incredibly high in fat and sugar. Not to mention, they can cost you two or three times more than a regular candy bar. If you feel you need a boost, grab a piece of fruit, yogurt, or a handful of nuts.



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