9. Spice Mixes

Spice Mixes

Spice mixes might seem like a great investment,­ since they encompass a variety of different herbs and spices that you would otherwise have to purchase individually. However, if you look closer you will see that many spices mixes list salt, followed by the vague “herbs and spices” that can mean almost anything.

8. Powdered Iced Tea Mixes or Prepared Flavored Iced Tea

Iced Tea Mixes

They are as easy to make as they are to buy, and are quite handy when it comes to summer days with family and friends. But the truth is that it is much cheaper to make your own, and not to mention, much tastier too! Plus, many mixes and preparations are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and other sugars, along with artificial flavors.

7. Bottled Water

Bottled Water
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Bottled water is considered to be a bad investment for several reasons, one being its cost and the other the toll it takes on the environment by using fossil fuels to produce and ship all those bottles.



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