6. Salad Kits

Salad Kit

Buying bagged and pre-washed greens can be a great time-saver, but they can also cost about three times as much as buying a head of lettuce. If you’ve ever purchased a salad kit, then you probably know how much more expensive they can be. While you do get some greens, a tiny bag of dressing and a few croutons, it may be wise to skip these all together and save yourself the money.

5. Individual Servings of Anything

Individual Servings

They may be small in quantity and keep your portions in control, but the truth is that these 100-calorie snack packs are a way for food makers to get more money from you. The price per unit cost of these single items is significantly more than if you would have just bought the big box and split it up yourself.

4. Trail Mix

Trail Mix
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While you may be inclined to buy a small bag of trail mix that can cost you about $10 a pound, you should think twice and instead make your own at home that can cost you way less! Not to mention you can include the things you like rather than picking out the ones you don’t.



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