3. Snack or Lunch Packs

Lunch Packs

These all-inclusive food trays may seem as if they are reasonably priced, but in reality, you’re paying for the gourmet label, wrapper, and especially the tray. Not to mention, the few crackers and small pieces of cheese and lunch meat are filled with salt.

2. Gourmet Ice Cream

Gourmet Ice Cream

It can be excruciating to see someone purchase a $6 gallon of a gourmet brand ice cream. Is it worth it? Probably not. There’s usually at least one brand in the freezer aisle that is on sale, and you can dress up with your favorite additives like bits of chocolate or cookie and save yourself the $6.

1. Pre-Formed Meat Patties

Meat Patties
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Frozen burgers, beef or others can be more expensive than buying regular ground meat in bulk and making yourself the patties. There’s also some evidence that pre-formed patties contain more E. coli than regular meat.



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