40 Fast Food Restaurants To Avoid

We all know that fast food isn’t healthy. That’s why it should be reserved for “cheat days” or celebratory occasions. But, if you’re looking to cut fast food out of your diet, here are the 40 fast-food restaurants you should avoid.

40. Domino’s


Domino’s is a well-known pizza place that serves and delivers its pizzas all over the United States. Though it’s a popular restaurant, it does receive its fair share of complaints including that its tomato sauce tastes more like ketchup and its pizzas are too expensive.

39. Sbarro


Sbarro, known for its Italian dishes, has not received the best reviews when it comes to its food. When the New York Times reported on its food quality it said that people do not eat Sbarro for its food, rather because it’s available and they’re hungry.  Customers also complain that its food is rarely fresh.


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