Go Pick Those Berries


Berries are loaded with antioxidants. We will keep it simple and just say that this is more good stuff, and will help you fight everything bad in your system. Like aging, memory loss, and even cancer!

They also taste good and can be effortlessly sprinkled on your favorite cereal at breakfast. Or you can even make a complete meal of it as you whip up a bowl of mixed berries. This also works perfectly as a sweet yet healthy late-night snack.

Cut Down on Bacon


We will give you a moment to recover from your shock, as many men love bacon. There is a whole carnivorous herd that strongly believes that bacon makes all things good. Not!

An increasing number of studies prove that bacon is not just saturated with fatty meat, but it also has way too much sodium, and undeniably works against the health of your heart. Still addicted to bacon? We hope not.

Next, you’re likely to stress about protein. Relax, as we open you up to an exotic new world of vegetarian protein! This is gourmet dining at its best, as it can include soy beans cooked with rice (feels and tastes like chicken). Or a hearty sandwich, not with bread, but with hummus and pita! And let’s not forget that delicious warm bowl of fruit and oats that your partner will reach for too. See, a life without bacon isn’t all bad!

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Say Yes to Whole Grains


Let us quickly clarify here that we are not going to make you eat some weird health food. You are sure to agree with us when we declare that men sure love their sandwiches. The mightier it is, the better. But what if you give that white bread a miss? For one, it’s been around a long time and hence is mighty boring. Two, there’s a whole new range of fine breads made from whole grains that are loaded with the ingredient of this century – fiber.

This simple switch can make your tasty sandwich an exceptionally healthy sandwich! So not only will it nutritiously fill your hungry tummy, it will also keep you feeling full for longer, so you are less likely to snack on junk food. And it helps that the whole grains will make your heart that much stronger too. See, this is what we call a perfect win-win!



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