3. You Could Lose Weight–But Only Temporarily


The weight you’ve lost is considered to be primarily water weight, said Bonci. “So when you replace that water, your weight will come back on.” If you do happen to slim down while on an apple cider vinegar diet, it would be in a way very similar to crash and fad diets, so that rapid weight loss may end up slowing your metabolism and making it harder to shed pounds in the future, said Bonci.

2. Your Appetite Might Increase


Although apple cider vinegar is thought to be an appetite suppressant, it can make you hungrier because vinegar is so low in calories and is diluted in water, said Bonci. “You feel full for the moment that you’re having it because you’ve just consumed a gallon of water, but when you pee that out, you’re going to be hungrier, sooner,” said Bonci.

1. You Could Have Serious Stomach Issues


“Because vinegar is acidic, some people don’t tolerate it all that well,” said Bonci. Although not everyone will experience these side effects, there are those who will. If you have ulcerative colitis, inflammation in the digestive tract, or are just prone to stomachaches; you might want to steer clear of apple cider vinegar.

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Bottom line? Bonci says that vinegar of any type is a great way to add flavor to food without increasing its caloric value. But don’t view it as a magic potion or expect a major transformation.



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