1. Potential to Protect from HIV and Prevent MS

Multiple Sclerosis

New studies are showing possible protection by reducing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) activity in cells. It also has a chance to prevent multiple sclerosis (MS) by restoring the nerves of the myelin sheath, and increasing levels of T-cell proteins or “Tregs”.

If you are taking cinnamon in supplement form, it is recommended to consume 2-4 grams daily. You can also consume powdered cinnamon or one drop of essential oil in tea, coffee, or yogurt.

Side Effects of Cinnamon

Use Cinnamon As Pest Control

Cassia cinnamon is high in coumarin, and too much can cause liver damage. It can interfere with blood thinner or diabetes medications.

Normally cinnamon is well tolerated, but it is not recommended to eat dry powdered cinnamon by the spoon, as it can cause respiratory distress to the lungs.

Ceylon cinnamon is the healthier choice versus Cassia; the amount of coumarin is very low, and generally of no danger.


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