Mashed Potatoes

While you may be following your family’s traditional mashed potato recipe or one you picked up online while in a hurry, you might have noticed that there are several ways to approach any mashed potato recipe. However, there are several don’ts as much as there are dos that you should keep in mind.

Here are six common mistakes you should avoid making in your next bowl of mashed potatoes.

6. You’re Only Using Russet Potatoes

Russet Potatoes

What’s wrong with only using Russet potatoes? Well, to begin with, they are starchy and have thick skin. Russets tend to cook up very lightly and become fluffy, while the waxier spuds hold their shape, which makes them ideal for roasting and making into potato salad. Best use? Mix Russets with other potatoes like Yukon Gold. Mashed together, they become strong enough to handle larger amounts of dairy and still keep everything together.

5. You’re Under-Seasoning

Potatoes Seasoning

By nature, potatoes are incredibly starchy, and that means they require a lot of salt to get a good taste out of them. Under-seasoning potatoes means that the outside of your potatoes will hold the salt. Try cooking your potatoes with generous amounts of salt next time.



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