4. Texture


Other condiments have signature textures that we’ve all come to know and recognize. For instance, mayonnaise is creamy, while mustard is silky-ish. But ketchup? That’s a tough one, so we’ll describe it as gloppy. And if you didn’t shake the bottle properly, when you squeeze it you’ll get a watery squirt. Well, doesn’t that just sound delightful?

3. Smell

Ketchup Overuse

One thing about ketchup that is at times even more overpowering than its taste is its smell, an almost rancid-smelling stench that can linger for hours on end. It can make even the strongest of us gag. So if you must use ketchup, go easy on it!

2. Overuse

Ketchup Packet

Mayonnaise might be considered to be the most popular condiment in America, but ketchup is a close second. But the truth is that this savory condiment is widely overused. We smother our eggs in it, put it on hash browns, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, and all of the above. Why not mix it up once in a while?

1. Does It Belong on a Hot Dog?

Hot Dog
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There is a great debate when it comes to this topic. Some are scandalized by the very idea of putting ketchup on a hot dog, and then there are those who wouldn’t dare eat a hot dog without it. Ultimately it’s a matter of personal taste, but the divisiveness of this seemingly simple topic will likely remain for as long as people eat hot dogs.



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