Cereal Sugar

For many families, eating cereal is quick, easy, and efficient for hectic mornings, getting kids ready for school, and parents to work.

But there are some major drawbacks. Many kinds of cereal are low in nutrients and high in sweeteners. This has caused many kids and adults to quickly have weight issues. Today, it is one reason why the total number of children have obesity issues.

Dr. John Henry Kellogg did have good intentions when he created “breakfast cereal”, since he wanted to promote digestive health and reduce intake of fatty foods. Over time, American cereal manufacturers have really changed this simple guideline that Kellogg desired.

Breakfast cereals are made from refined grains; they are processed and mixed with sugars, artificial colors, and flavors. After that, they are extruded, dried, and shaped. The truth is many are packaged and sold with misleading health claims.

6. Weight Gain

Drop Some Weight

Weight gain is a side effect of too much cereal, due to the high carbohydrates that are not filling you up with the correct nutrients. It does not satisfy the body and therefore you will be hungry again soon, eating more calories! High glycemic foods, like cereal, can make you gain weight.

5. Sugar Content


Too many of today’s cereals are high in added sugars. Yes, there are healthier ones, like oatmeal, but this is not what the kids want. They get used to the sweet flavors and many parents just go with the flow instead of listening to a temper tantrum at the store in aisle nine!


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