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The air fryer’s popularity has skyrocketed lately, and there’s a reason for that. The air fryer is not only healthier for you in so many ways, but you can also cook some delicious food in it.

It’s been proven that air fryers are actually healthier than conventional frying. This is because air fryers provide a different way to cook deep-fried foods without the conventional, harmful oil at high temperatures.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, air fryers help you reduce your calorie intake by up to 70% or 80% compared to traditional deep frying. That’s fantastic news if you want to start losing weight without a huge shift in your diet. That being said, they aren’t perfect. First, you’re still eating fried food, so try to avoid only eating from your air fryer.

Another issue is that air fryers produce high temperatures in order to cook your food. That means some foods aren’t going to work on an air fryer. They’ll either get burned or come out dry and unsavory, which is what we’ll cover today. Not every food is bad, but avoid cooking these foods on your air fryer at all costs.

6. Any Food with Batter

Crispy Baked Chicken

Batter gives food a special taste that we all know and love from deep-fried food. Even though this type of food works wonderfully on a regular fryer, your air fryer won’t give you the same experience.

Air fryers aren’t made to cook battered food, so the batter will just slide off the food instead of having the crispiness you were looking for. Not to mention you’ll make a mess along the way.

If you want to make your food crispier on an air fryer, try adding bread crumbs, cornmeal, or a quart of flour. It’ll give you the same crunch but without making a mess.

5. Be Careful with Vegetables


Vegetables can be tricky when cooking with an air fryer. You’ll need to avoid cooking leafy vegetables since they won’t cook evenly.

You can try other vegetables like zucchini or broccoli, but you’ll still need to be careful with these vegetables since they can get burned and turn into a dry, tasteless excuse of food. Instead, try to add some spices to your vegetables, or add a tablespoon of water on the air fryer before you start cooking.

Raw vegetables won’t do the trick either. Experts say that raw vegetables will come out soggy, no matter which temperature you cook them at.

Using your vegetables as part of another dish will help them turn out better. Another option you can try is using frozen vegetables. Experts say frozen vegetables hold more moisture from the ice they had on them, so you’ll have better-cooked vegetables without burning them or making them soggy.

4. Don’t Cook Cheese Unless You Know What You’re Doing

Cheddar Cheese

Cheese lovers, this is bad news for you. But if you want to avoid making a mess, you can’t cook cheese in your air fryer. There are some minor exceptions, of course, but the general rule is to leave the cheese on the stovetop.

You can, however, cook something like mozzarella sticks, or try to use bread and tuck the cheese inside so you won’t make a mess. Mommy Hates Cooking suggests you use rolled up aluminum foil to avoid making messes. All in all, it’s best if you try to avoid cooking cheese in your air fryer, but if you’re going to do it, take the necessary precautions.

3. Cooking Rice or Pasta Is Something You Should Avoid


You should avoid cooking grain foods on an air fryer. Foods like rice or pasta are okay, as long as you air fry them with little oil and do not use water. Since most grains need to be cooked with water first, your air fryer won’t do the trick. It doesn’t matter how hot your air fryer gets; it’ll never reach the temperature to make the water boil.

What you can do instead is cook your rice or pasta the conventional way first. Cook your grains on the stove or using something like a rice cooker first and then air frying them is an option to cook grains.

2. Your Air Fryer Can’t Handle Whole Roasts or Whole Chicken

Avoid Chicken Skin

A whole roast isn’t really an option on your air fryer. Because of the size, cooking whole roasts or chicken won’t be possible. Not only would it be hard to put a whole chicken or roast inside your air fryer, but the results will be disappointing.

Your roast would get burned on one side way before the other side is even cooked. This is because of the limited space and heat source an air fryer has.

So, what can you do? It’s recommended that, instead of putting the whole roast in, to put in cooked pieces separately so they’re well cooked and you have enough room to place them. It’ll take more time, but this ensures your chicken or food will be cooked the way you wanted.

1. Air Fryers Aren’t Good to Make Dehydrate Food


A food dehydrator is fairly similar to an air fryer; they both use air to prepare your food. Other than that, the results you get from both are completely different.

Sure, you can try to dehydrate your fruits on your air fryer. And, according to what David Jarvis, executive chef at Nu Wave and air dryer maker, told Mashed, air fryers will do it. The problem is that an air fryer has more air power than a regular food dehydrator. This means your dry food will move around in the air like it just doesn’t care, making a dehydrated mess.

That being said, if you absolutely need to dehydrate your food, your air fryer will do the trick, but you’ll have to see if you can keep it in place.


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