4. Ice, Ice Baby


While you are waiting for the eggs to reach peak deliciousness, fill a bowl with ice water. After the eggs are finished cooking, you will place them in the bowl. Make sure that the bowl can fit all one dozen eggs comfortably. The purpose of the ice bowl is to avoid overcooking the eggs. Even after you remove them from the Instant Pot, the heat will continue to cook them. For the perfect hard-boiled egg, let them take a nice two-minute ice bath.

3. Peel


After the two minutes are up, the eggs should be cool to the touch. Gently tap the top of the egg on your counter. This will crack the shell and make for no-fuss, easy peeling. Thanks to the steam bath the eggs initially took, this allows the shell to peel right off. No mess and no fuss. It’s that easy. You can also peel hard-boiled eggs hands-free. How? Place the egg in a mason jar filled with a half an inch of water. Screw the lid on to the jar and make sure it is tight. Shake the jar from side to side and make sure the egg is not rolling around. The egg should hit the top and bottom of the jar. Eventually, the eggshell will begin to slip right off.

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2. Taste Test

Hard Boiled Eggs

Most people like to add salt and pepper to their hard-boiled eggs. You can also add a bit of curry powder, hot sauce, crushed red pepper, or cajun pepper if you want to make things interesting.  Whether you are a traditionalist or like to heat things up with some spice, be sure to taste the egg first. You will be surprised to find that the Instant Pot makes the perfect hard-boiled egg. The texture and flavor of the egg are truly excellent. Surprisingly, little to no seasoning is required, and you can enjoy your egg as soon as it is cooled and peeled. Of course, no one is stopping you from seasoning the egg the way you usually enjoy it.

1. Save The Rest


After you taste your perfect hard-boiled egg, don’t forget to save the rest. To save time later, peel the rest of the dozen hard-boiled eggs now. They should all peel as quickly and effortlessly as the first. You will notice that there are very few to no ugly divots or deformities in the white part of the egg. For best storage, place them in an airtight container and store them in the fridge. Feel free to snack on more now or later in the week. You can also add hard-boiled eggs to salads or make an easy egg salad at home.

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